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    Today we will talk about how your mind helps you or creates obstacles in your life.

    I will use the work of a psychologist and researcher Carol Dweck to show you how your mind affects the way you lead your life.

    To start I am going to give you a test… a super short one with 2 choices for the answer.

    When do you feel smart?—when you are not making mistakes   or when you figure something out?

    Dr. Dweck’s research shows that there is a fixed mindset and growth mindset.

    If you choose the first option you have characteristics of a FIXED mindset , if second – you have a growth mindset.

    With fixed mindset you believe that your abilities are carved in stone, we are trained to have this mindset from childhood. So in every situation we feel like we need to prove ourselves, the world is divided into failure and success and we are often tormented with fear to be seen dumb, rejected, not enough… which of course affects our self-esteem and life we create. Our true talents here are fossilized and we live life almost paralyzed emotionally and energetically.


    On the contrary, growth mindset is based on the belief that our qualities can be cultivated though our efforts. Stretching yourself, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone becomes . These are the people who are constantly in motion and are creating a better version of themselves. They embrace the challenge. The bigger the challenge the more they thrive.

    Brain research shows that for fixed mind attention is only when they are told whether they are right or wrong, but not when they are given information on how they can learn. Growth mindset people are always paying attention to how they can improve, grow, learn, expand


    Benjamin Barber said, “I don’t divide world into weak and strong, or successes and failure. I divide the world into learners and non –learners”.

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