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    Ready for a looong week-end?

    Aww family time is sooo awesome!!… until it is not..

    All of us probably have experienced the presence of  “emotional vampires” in our lives.. No, not the fictional ones that we see on TV but the real ones, the ones that suck all your energy and drain you… Often these “vampires” can be found among our closest people, our friends and family.

    Why does it happen? Now, I want to make sure you get it clear— these so-called vampires are NOT bad people. Often, they do not know that they feed off your energy and steal your vibe. This is just the way they are conditioned to live.

    That is why I am not asking you to change them or leaving them!! 
    They are your family, your sacred people that you must cherish and love unconditionally.

    BUT: unconditional love does not mean lack of self-care.

    Here is what you can do to keep these people in your life AND protect yourself from their energy at the same time:

    There are 3 things emotional vampires do to take your “mojo” away: they complain, they talk about the past, and they participate in an “empty talk” = a talk with no real purpose. All these actions create negative thoughts, that in turn develop “duality” thinking…. and eventually ignite your self-doubt…

    So what can you do to switch it?

    1. Complaining- if you listen to others complain 2 things happen- they are dwelling in the negative and bring  negativity into your life. Find something positive in their story- highlight it for them and create an emotionally charged picture  — so they FEEL the emotion. Watch how their reaction starts shifting. Bringing “the light” into their consciousness will help them deal with the darkness

    2. Taking about the past-– The past does not exist. Period. Bring the person into the present moment. Let them know that you are happy to discuss things that are going on right now.  If they persist with it- simply tell them you do not talk about things that are no longer true. 

    3. Empty conversations (like I wanna get a great house, or start my own business)– while you know that they are full of “lemons”. Usually this is when they are most likely to ask for your advice…. Humor is the greatest weapon of all. Give them an absolutely absurd answer that will make them laugh. Never ever ever give advice to people– you can only share what YOU would do in their shoes… not what they “should be doing”.

    Remember, that if you live your life 80% concentrating on your growth, 10% on the outside environment and 10% on your goals– you will live a fulfilling life and will be able to charge positively the lives of others. So much better than sinking to their lower vibrations!!!

    At the end the way you treat yourself is the way others will treat you….
    If you want to go deeper and see where you are leaking the energy and why you are attracting emotional vampires into your life, call or text me to talk about 
    the Bio-Feedback Session

    ~ You will get a pretty picture of your aura and have it analyzed

    ~ Learn about your main life mission, motivations and talents

    ~ Discover what has been holding you back

    ~ Realize how your thoughts/ patterns/ beliefs affect your energetic being and what that means for your life. 

    Followed by a 30 min Reiki session which will make you feel sooooooooo gooooood!
    Here is my phone number
    (319) 594-5530

    Mucho love, 

    Here is a testimonial from this week’s client:

    “Thank you so much again I feel so happy I honestly haven’t felt this way since my daughter was born I feel so light and focused . It was a pleasure meeting you this was a real eye opening experience for me truly life changing I will definitely do my homework ever single day I honestly felt I needed this and now I feel fulfilled”
    (Angel Zuniga)

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