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    emotional scale

    A couple of weeks ago I went to one of the most powerful workshops I have ever attended – Abraham-Hicks workshop on manifesting.  I have read their almost every books before but being in their presence had a profound effect on me, and I would like to share with you what I learned during this time.

    While we make life super complicated, it really is super simple and can be summarized this way:

    “What you think (and how you feel because of your thoughts) and what manifests in your experience always match. You get what you think about, whether it is something wanted or unwanted.” ~ Abraham-Hicks


    In our society we are encouraged to solve problems with our minds… yet our minds can only give us the solutions we already know… We have a MUCH more powerful tool for creating the life we want, OUR EMOTIONS.

    Once you understand how all you need to be doing is to connect with your spirit (your emotions show you whether you are achieving this connection or not)– you will be able to ‘clean up’ those areas of your life which aren’t working for you.

    You want to experience emotions of joy, happiness and ease–and these are only possible when you sort of flow downstream, not upstream… you want to let go of internal struggle so you can ride the current effortlessly. If you experience guilt, sadness, fear, worry—this is an indicator that you are resisting the natural flow of life.. and so your life (or certain areas of your life) become a struggle.

    Look at the picture above.

    You will tend to be towards the top, if a particular area is working for you, and you will tend to be at the bottom if an area is not working.

    The three major areas that come up again and again for all of us are money, health and personal relationships.

    1. So how do you practice your emotional spirals to serve these 3 areas?

    #1. One thing to remember that if you are feeling super low it is almost impossible to jump to the higher vibrating feelings of love, joy because your repeated for years predominant emotion will ultimately prevail. (For example, if you have been fearing being broke all your life, feeling super positive about being rich is a really hard task to accomplish).

    #2. Because of #1 above… a smarter way to getting out of the feeling of being “stuck in the funk” is incrementally reaching for better feeling thoughts by focusing on wanted aspects of the area you wish to improve— so go from fear to anger, anger to overwhelm,  overwhelm to hopeful etc..

    As with any skills, it takes time and patience, along with depth of understanding.

    #3. After figuring out how to move up the emotional scale apply it to an area that you need to improve. 

    #4. Having an attitude of gratitude for even negative emotions and events is a must!  Understand, that unwanted situations arise for many reasons but their purpose is one: to show you what you REALLY want in your life.  If in these trying moments you can quickly focus on what you DO want instead, and practice this switch on a consistent basis  — then the magic starts happening.

    NOTE: most of us are very used to paying a lot of attention the unwanted aspects our lives… it is like a second nature for us. So learn to listen to your emotion- if you are feeling the negative emotion- it is an indicator that you are disconnected from the Source and thus are starting attracting the spiral down. The reverse is also true- when you are experiencing a positive emotion- that shows you that you are “plugged in”—so it will be easier to have an upward spiral and start attracting things and events into your life.

    If you want to see your most predominant emotion that keeps “attracting things into your life” schedule a bio-feedback session with me. I will show you a detailed portrait of your energetic state and will help you realize your highest purposes, your motivations so you can get “unstuck”.  

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