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    Sometimes every day seems like a struggle.  You feel disillusioned and disheartened.  How do you keep your light shining on the inside, despite challenging relationships and circumstances around you?

    Modern Goddess Talk welcomes Yenia Herrera, who has an inner brilliance that she nurtures, maintains, and preserves.  Yenia shares with us her deeply personal story of transforming a difficult beginning into her life now as the successful producer, host, director, and creator of “Chicago Latino TV” on Telemundo Chicago.  With her wisdom, Yenia guides us to learn how we, too, can keep our light inside shining.

    Yenia Herrera came to the United States from Columbia only 7 years ago.  She knew exactly one person in this new country: her husband.  But every other part of her former life was left behind, including her friends, family, and career as a professor.

    Starting over again was a daunting, lonely, and overwhelming task.  Yenia remembers feeling desperate, and kneeled down to ask God why she came to this country.

    Yenia, who describes herself as a “stubborn, tireless dreamer,” moved from darkness to light.  She realized she had to discover what her mission was.  Her husband gave her suggestions, yet nothing seemed right to her when she listened to her intuition. In fact, she calls “Chicago Latino TV” her baby because it was 9 months in the making—of crying and acting like a first-time mom as the idea finally took shape and was born.

    As Yenia began searching on the Internet for ideas, she didn’t find the content she was looking for, covered the way she wanted.  And this is how she developed the idea for a television show, done with a specific presentation, format, and topics.

    Right from the beginning, she encountered obstacles. For one, this wasn’t a medium she had ever used, coming from the academic world.  And as her mother who was usually optimistic pointed out, “How will you work in TV if you don’t even know anyone?”

    However, Yenia’s worst fear is “to be left with the doubt of something, especially regarding entrepreneurship.”  The fear of not trying is greater than her fear of failure.

    Yenia points out that entrepreneurship is difficult.  It’s a struggle daily—there are days you don’t want to go on.  Days you don’t even have a dollar to pay the people who work for you and collaborate with you, and you have to find the money.  These are the critical moments of entrepreneurs.

    The first episodes of “Chicago Latino TV,” which started off on digital TV, were scary. Yenia emphasizes, “you need a starting point.  You can’t keep focusing on what you don’t have, and say, ‘I’m not even going to start’ before you even begin.”

    The early days of the show were recorded in the social room of building where she lives.  Yenia stored her equipment in her living room, which was disorganized— a disaster— but Yenia says, “you have to sacrifice to get to where you want to go.” 

    Wisdom from Yenia

    How Do You Keep Your Light Shining?  

    1. I have someone in my life so important to me: my mom grounds me and reminds me that what I have, I owe to God. This is how I stay grounded and keep my light.
    2. This medium has a lot of envy, a lot of struggle with egos. But there are always people who will be like angels to us, like my mom is to me.
    3. I try to maintain the status quo and equilibrium. I try not to absorb negative influences from people or from those who want to rob me of my light.
    4. My mission is to serve and connect. But this has led me to problems because I live transparently, and when I’ve opened up, I’ve gone through some very difficult things because people have come to me with certain intentions, and not the ones I’ve thought.
    5. I never consciously hurt anyone else. I surround myself with people who will contribute to me emotionally. I love to be with people I can learn from, and I especially enjoy being with older people.

    How Do You Find Your Light?

    1. If this is your dream—at the end of the tunnel there will always be light. When you are in darkness, when you are hitting bottom and disillusioned, you need to dig deep for that internal strength. When you are almost hitting bottom, you know you are going to keep advancing and going forward.
    2. We all have internal strength, but you have to find it. I always believe in God—but you can believe in God or the universe or whatever you think helps you.
    3. I tell people, the entrepreneur finds opportunity where the rest of the world sees problems.
    4. I love everything about my imperfections, successes, and mistakes because they have allowed me to be strong enough to overcome and improve every day.

    How Do You Deal with Energetic Vampires?      

    1. I pray to God, exercise, meditate, do Reiki, dance, use aromatherapy, and listen to music—all of this liberates me.
    2. We should surround ourselves with people who ground us. And when we are like horses with blinders on, we need people to help us see alternatives.
    3. As women, we need people we people we can confide in. We have to vent and express ourselves. It’s part of our femininity.
    4. Distance yourself from people, diplomatically, who don’t align with your beliefs.
    5. Establish relationships that are for business. Maintain boundaries for relationships that are friendships vs. for business.

    We all have a divine light.  The trick is to find your mission—because then, it doesn’t really matter if you live in another country, if there are negative people around, or if you don’t have any money.

    That divine energy is going to bring you home.


    For More About Chicago Latino TV

    “Chicago Latino TV” is a talk show covering topics such as religion, relationships, sex, and politics.  A panel of four people offers opinions based on personal experience and investigation.  An expert also weighs in on each topic.   Tune into channel 44 on Chicago Latino TV, Telemundo Chicago at midnight on Saturdays or visit them on their You Tube channel:







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