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    Have you met an Energetic Vampire?  An Energetic Vampire is someone in our lives who takes our energy and never gives anything back.  Many of us believe these vampires exist! 

    In reality, nobody takes our energy.  We choose to either give it away or not.

    But why do we give energy to people who are not serving us on our path?

    1. We need to feel needed. If you have a partner, friend, or acquaintance who supposedly takes energy from you, ask yourself, “Why am I so focused on being needed?  What is it in me that requires that feeling?”
    2. We don’t want to take responsibility for our own energy. It’s often more fun and easier to take care of somebody else who is lost and needs your support.  You may want to try to fix them and solve their problems.  Doing so makes you feel empowered, and the other person feels loved. 
    3. We are afraid to fail. If you are giving energy to others, you might see yourself as a victim. Victims only have leftover energy for new projects. It’s much more convenient to attempt something, but then explain why you didn’t reach your goal by saying, “Poor me.  I was just given such bad circumstances and others took from me” instead of admitting your own mistakes, obstacles, and struggles.

    If you want to feel empowered, generate energy inside of you and use that energy to create a project.

    You would never fail if you used your full energy for something you really wanted.

    Thank your Energetic Vampires for showing you why you don’t want to focus on yourself or get your life together!

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