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    In today’s video I will be talking about the wisdom of an ancient practice of Feng Shui-a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment.

    According to this system, our life outside reflects what is going on inside and that we create environment where the energy either flows or gets stuck.

    Many of us want to attract positive changes into our lives, yet we are so busy and so energetically stuck that there is literally no room for these changes to take place.

    We will discuss 6 practices that will help you jump start your life and open yourself to the good that can easily flow into your life.

    Practice #1: Declutter your house from “things”. Things are any tangible object– clothes, books, appliances, etc… How many years are you going to wait until you lose weight to wear those pants? How many decades that beautiful broken broach is going to lay in your jewelry box? The rule is – if you dont use it for a year, you most probably will NOT use it again

    Practice #2. Keeping your surroundings clean and whole. Energy flows through clean, open spaces- so make sure you home, car, office are clean. Also, fix all cracks, or leaking toilets so your energy does not leak away.

    Practice #3. Communication- this is a hard one, but a necessary one. Peacefully let go of all people who: – constantly whine and complain, – bring negative energy, – are your “ex”s that bring nothing into your life, – are potentially useful people who you never really contact.

    Practice #4. Projects. As a creative soul, you most probably have tons of projects that you started and that you never finished. Make sure you either set a firm deadline and accomplish them or let them go with peace

    Practice #5. Input information- how many news are you subscribed to? how many social media sites are you visiting? what is the overall energy you receive all day long? Get rid of all negative, destructive, bringing you down input and watch the magic happen.

    Practice #6. Virtual Spaces– your computers, phones, other devices. Clean them from all unnecessary files, apps, pictures etc. You will feel sooooo good after it!

    Once you clean your life, you will have clarity and focus.. and SPACE… to attract new, fresh, positive events, people and circumstances into your life.

    I challenge you to apply these principles for the next week and share your comments below.

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