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    Recently I bought 2 plants…exactly the same plants. I put them in the same pots, added the same soil, chose the location with the same light, water them the same… but one is doing amazing, while another one is dying… WHY?
    Often we only look at the problem, not at its roots. It is obvious for everyone that in order for me to salvage my plant I should not treat its leaves. Instead I need to treat its roots. However, we somehow lose common sense when it comes to our financial life.

    We are sighing , “Why can’t I get clients?”, ” Why, no matter how much I work, I can barely make my ends meet?”, etc.
    We are not looking at the root of the problem- our limited mindset, beliefs and our own energy. While in reality we set out own limitations to happiness and abundance that we are not even aware of
    So how can we quickly assess our internal financial limitations?
    Watch this 3 min video to learn how.

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