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    In today’s Positivity Binge episode we will talk about why you might not be where you want to be in your financial life. By the way, the processes we will be talking about are true for various aspects of your life, so if, for example,  you want to create a better romantic relationship, career, or health life you can use the same steps!

    So why am I not there yet? Why am I not achieving my financial goals?

    Because you probably are dreaming of an abstract abundance that somehow is going to happen to you.

    Thus, you are sending unfocused energy into the world.
    Remember you are not a physical being in a physical universe.

    You are an energetic/vibrational being in an energetic/vibrational universe. You are both a transmitter and a receiver of energy.
    So clarity is a sister of confidence and the powerhouse of attraction.

    So listen to 3 simple steps that can help you change your status quo and answer your question: “Why am I not achieving my financial goals?”

    In the comments below, please share 1 action step you are going to implement in the next 90 days:

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