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    Are you ready to FINALLY charge what you are worth while

    staying authentic to who you are?


    Do you find yourself giving your knowledge and pouring your heart to your clients only to hear, “Oh my goodness, I love you. You are the best! When are you doing it again?”  (But they don’t pull out that credit card!)


    You do get paid, but you give away the whole store… and feel that you constantly over-give without much in return?

    You’re in the right place if people love you but they don’t buy from you!!!  And you are not alone.

    In my research, I found that there’s a major problem among many female entrepreneurs: they over-give and undercharge.

    Let me show you the BIGGEST mistakes entrepreneurs make regarding pricing and creating abundance in their businesses. I’ll provide you with research-based strategies to help you start earning what you’re worth, have time for yourself, family, and friends, and FINALLY have the freedom to have the lifestyle you deserve. Because life… is about LIVING.

    Take a quick test above to learn how you attract or repel abundance or simply hop on the link to schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation with me.


    Schedule a FREE consultation with Dr. Marina Kostina

    Dr. Marina Kostina
    Self-worth & Net-worth expert,
    Amazon bestselling author, TV co-host, reiki Master/teacher


    Dr. Marina Kostina is NOT a medical doctor but a doctor of philosophy.

    The content is provided for general informational and educational purposes and should not be considered as medical advice.

    Marina has had an incredible impact on my life with her services that combine research and energy work. I recommend her with all my heart for anyone who wants to change their lives. I am confident she will help you find your better version of self.

    Yenia Herrera, Founder & President of Chicago Latino TV, Telemundo

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